Summary Plan Description (SPD)

This Summary Plan Description (SPD) contains information regarding when you may become eligible to participate in the Plan, your Plan benefits, your distribution options, and many other features of the Plan.  You should take time to read this SPD to get a better understanding of your rights and obligations under the Plan.

2018 Summary Annual Report (SAR)

This is a summary of the annual report for the TM Track Machines LLC 401(k) Plan for calendar year 2018. Click here to view the document.

Participant Fee Disclosure – November 2018

This document is designed to help you understand certain plan provisions, investment information and the costs associated with your plan.  Click here to view the document.

Qualified Default Investment Alternative Notice – 2019

This notice informs you of your right to direct your investments for the upcoming plan year.  It further explains that if you make no investment decision, you are consenting to direct your investments into the default fund. Click here to view the documentThe investment fund summary has been provided (as required) in order to disclose the details regarding the default fund(s). Click here to view the document.

Loan Request Form

In the event that you need to request a 401(k) loan, print and complete this form.